In the past decade, the definition of Game has changed a lot. As you know, we now have a ton of games to play, available on different platforms and various devices. However, there is something that has not lost its demand and popularity yet — word games. As you know, these games are just cool and do not come with a lot of requirements. All you would probably need to play such word games are a few keys and aboard. Even better, there are some Android and iOS-based word games too. However, for the best experience, you must know the best games out there. In this article, we have listed some of the best word games you can play!

#1 Scrabble

One of the most played games in the world, Scrabble is the perfect choice when you want a word game that you can play among your friends. Each player will receive a number of keys with vowels and consonants. The player has to create words using the keys in the rack, and there are certain rules regarding points. You would also be able to create BINGOs, which will give you extra points in the long run. Comparatively, Scrabble is a more spirited game, but you should be thorough when it comes to words.

#2 Jumble

Jumble is one of the most popular word games out there. Just like any other games, this one also wants you to find out the hidden words. In this case, however, you will have to use some clues. That is, you are expected to find the exact word the clues mean instead of going for a random dictionary word. You can play this game with two people or more, which is great. Just so you know, this game wants you to know a lot about words, and you may want to use a Jumble solver once in a while.

#3 Word Ladder

Creation of Word Ladder goes back a few decades, but it’s one of the best word games you can still find now. You might even know about the concept of the game even if you haven’t played it as a game. To start a game of Word Ladder, two words are required. You can keep changing the specific number of letters in the word for forming another word. As you go to the higher levels, there are better rules too. For instance, you may have to take two words and insert one into the place. It’s fun, no matter the number of players in the game.

#4 Word Unscramble

You can guess what this game about it from the name itself. You are supposed to find an actual word from a combination of letters. These letters may be arranged in any random order, but your skill is in finding the hidden word inside. In addition, you can find many ways to find a way out to find the words hidden inside a game of Word Unscramble. If you are good at finding and fixing anagrams, you are going to love this game. This one doesn’t require a board, though.

Have you played any of the word games that we talked about? Let us know which is your favorite as it comes to word games.

4 Some of the Best Puzzle Word Games you must try
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